Qualify for up to $500 in NEW Rebates for Energy-Efficient Systems

There are many great reasons for Massachusetts homeowners to consider upgrading their heating systems to new, high-efficiency options. But now, thanks to a new equipment rebate program implemented by the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association with the support of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), there are additional reasons to considering equipment upgrades.

Massachusetts homeowners are now eligible to receive rebates that could total as much as $500 when they install a new high-efficiency heating system and a new aboveground heating oil tank! Your heating oil dealer can help you qualify for these rebates. Funds are limited for this program and rebates will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Heating oil continues to be one of the best options available to heat your home. And modernizing your home’s heating system is now a lot easier—and affordable.

Download your rebate coupon today and present it to your heating oil company at the time of purchase.

Click on the globe to "Heat Your Home for Less"

Don't Let Cold Drafts Slither In.  Drafts from under doors and windows add up to one-third of your home's total heat loss.  Block drafts by laying a handmade "snake" across the cracks.  Here's how you do it:  1) Make a tube out of material like a towel, a knee-sock or several socks sewn together. 2) Stuff the tube with any bulky material. 3) Then sew the open end closed.  Make it a fun project with the kids, and use different colored socks.  You can even train the snake "to stay."  Just attach Velcro to the bottom of the doors or windows where the snake will "live."

Stop Fooling Your Thermostat.  People don't realize how sensitive their thermostats are.  But lamps, television sets, and personal computers all generate heat to fool your thermostat into thinking your house is warmer than it really is.  Make sure you keep these items at least three feet away from your thermostat.  Also, avoid hanging Christmas or other decorations from them since they can also effect your thermostat's setting.

Don't Heat Your House When You Don't Need To.  Most people keep their thermostat at one setting all winter long.  But using your thermostat wisely can save you lots of money.  For example, you can save 15% on your annual heating bill by turning down the heat from 75 to 68 degrees.  A clock or programmable thermostat will turn the heat up and down for you automatically when you are not home or are asleep to make sure you save. 

Don't Dress For Summer in the Middle of Winter.  The more clothes you wear, the warmer you'll feel.  But did you know that turning down the thermostat even 1 degree can save you 2-3% off your annual heating bill, and turning it down 5 degrees can save you 10-15%!

Don't Let the Heat Go Over Your Head.  Everyone knows that warm air rises.  But what good is it all the way up near the ceiling?  If you have a ceiling fan, or a regular pedestal fan pointed to the ceiling, put it on low and make use of the heat.

Prevent Dry Air from Cooling You Off.  Humid air feels warmer than dry air (think of those humid summer days).  If you don't have a central humidifier, use a shallow pan of water on your radiators or in front of your baseboards.

Don Let Savings Pass You By.  Now is the time when you notice all the heating problem areas in your house.  It's just too hard to ignore the cold drafts coming from loose-fitting windows and weak caulking.  You should consider replacing the windows if they suffer from: rotted or damaged wood, cracked glass, missing putty, poorly-fitted sashes (the panes rattle or the windows don't stay up when you open them), or non-working locks.  Make a list of what needs to be done so that you'll remember it when the weather turns warmer and you can work comfortably outside. 



Here is a checklist of items regarding your oil tank. Even if you note anything listed below that may be of concern to you, DO NOT TOUCH THE TANK. Please follow the recommendation at the bottom of the list.  _________________________________________________________
* Check the tank legs-do they look to be any concern to you?

* Are there any rust spots, or wet spots,  on the tank's surface?

* Is there any sign of leakage around the oil filter or valves?

* Is the oil line (s) encased in protective tubing?

* Are there any signs of spills around the fill pipe?

* Is the vent whistle silent when the tank is being filled? 

* Do you see oil or staining around the tank guage?

* Is your tank more than 25 years old?

* If an outside tank, is there any danger of snow or ice falling on the oil line or the filter?

Outside tanks should be enclosed in a shed or other enclosure for protection against damage from ice and snow, and extremely cold weather.

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, please call us (978) 897-3366 and we will send a service technician and give you a professional opinion and recommend corrective solutions to remedy possible future problems.

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